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Google Educator Level 2 Certification Exam Answers

The Google Educator Level 2 certification is a credential offered by Google for educators who have advanced proficiency in using Google for Education tools in the classroom. Please note that there might have been updates or changes since then, so it’s a good idea to check the latest information on the official Google for Education website.

Here are some key points related to the Google Educator Level 2 certification:

  1. Prerequisites: To pursue the Level 2 certification, educators typically need to have already completed the Google Educator Level 1 certification. The Level 2 certification builds on the skills and knowledge acquired in the Level 1 certification.
  2. Skills and Content: The Level 2 certification assesses educators on their ability to integrate various Google for Education tools into their teaching practices. This may include advanced features of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) applications like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Classroom, and others.
  3. Exam Format: The certification is usually earned by passing an online exam. The exam is designed to evaluate practical application of skills and knowledge in real-world teaching scenarios.
  4. Training Resources: Google often provides training resources, study materials, and practice exams to help educators prepare for the Level 2 certification. These resources may include online courses, tutorials, and documentation.
  5. Validity: The certification is typically valid for a certain period, and educators may need to renew or recertify to stay up-to-date with the latest tools and features.

Google Educator Level 2 Exam Quiz Answers

Site Page integration

  • Chart
  • Image
  • Video
  • Document

Integration not possible

  • Flash animation
  • Game
  • Verify all online information with textbooks
  • Check the integrity of the author, and whether they are an expert on the topic
  • Contact the author directly to understand their research
  • Check that the website looks reputable and professional
  • They shouldn’t trust any information found online
  • The entire presentation can be translated in a few clicks
  • The entire text of a google Doc can be converted from one language to another language
  • The power of search is tightly integrated within the application
  • Convert document text into a spoken audio file in any language
  • Exclusive access to educational resources online
  • Create Sheets that contain links to jump to a particular slide in a separate Slide presentation
  • Record topics that were discussed with the most enthusiasm in a Sheet and share it with the students.
  • Create Slide presentations that jump to particular slides based on certain responses or discussion points
  • Create a YouTube video containing a Form with a list of questions, with responses fed directly into a Sheet
  • Create Forms that redirect students to specific questions or content based on their answers
Google ToolUse Case
FormsSurvey students on Issues
GroupsEmail Campaigns
DrawingsCampaign Posters
  • Create a questionnaire in Forms to send to fellow students to understand trends within a school
  • Do a Google search for “Political trends” and search for relevant information
  • Go to and browse through current trends across multiple categories and countries
  • Go to Google Analytics to see most viewed web pages and searches
Google ToolUse Case
SitesWeb hosting and publishing the newspaper
Google PhotosStoring photos and images
DocsDrafting and editing articles
YouTubeVideo hosting and editing
CalendarAssigning draft due dates and final deadlines
Hackathon TasksGoogle tool
Creating a print-friendly scheduleDocs
Creating a project timeline to ensure everyone knows what deadlines and responsibilities they haveSheets
Gathering feedback from other programming students on their preferred development toolsForms
Presenting the final solution to an audienceSlides
Creating a flow diagram for the development processDrawings
  • Create a form
  • Add a “multiple choice” or “choose from list” question
  • Check the “go to page based on answer” checkbox
  • Select the page you want users to redirect to based on each answer, or to submit the form
  • Repeat these steps until the form is complete
  • Invite an overseas student or teacher to come into class to speak when they are available
  • Arrange a Hangout with a class in a different country for a question-and-answer discussion session
  • Take he students on an international road trip to try out different foods
  • Host a Hangout on Air with willing schools around the world to discuss the topic and make it available to watch at a later
  • Arrange a Hangout with someone she knows from a different country and pass on the information to her students
ScenarioGoogle tool
Mr. Portman has found videos that his students find particularly engaging, and wants to share them with the rest of the teachers in the school.YouTube
Ms. Lee is quick to understand and apply new online tools in her classroom and wants to provide screencast tutorials and have discussions with teachers who are slower to adopt new technology.Hangouts on Air
Ms. Hopkins has been teaching for decades and has a large volume of useful documents and templates she wants to share with the rest of her colleaguesGoogle Drive
Mr. Foster wants one location for all resources, news, and information for the geography department.Google Sites
Productivity gainsG Suite tool feature
View the number of unread messages are in your inbox with a quick glanceUnread message icon
Quickly accessing additional functionality without using a mouseCustom Keyboard shortcuts
Responding to multiple emails quickly with the same replyTemplates
View the next conversation instead of your inbox after you delete, archive, snooze, or mute a conversationAuto-advance
  • So, students will understand how to get assistance beyond their teacher
  • Because it’s too easy for students to get distracted by online games
  • So, students can find answers to their questions quickly
  • So, students never have to carry paper books again
  • Because YouTube is full of disruptive content
  • Protect the sheets to keep an original copy of the data in case of errors or accidental deletion of data.
  • Use the “Scan All” function to locate specific values and student names.
  • Use filters to display required data and hide unwanted data.
  • Use charts to visually represent student progress.
Personalized learning activityGoogle tool
Creating a project-based learning activity and storing all resources, research, and results in one place for relevant parties.Google Sites
Assigning students, a set of tasks based on various online resources that they can work through.Google Docs
Distributing a video to students to watch and answer questions on in their own time.Google Forms
  • Send a questionnaire using Forms to teachers around the world to distribute to their students asking about their life where they live
  • Offer Mystery Location Calls using Hangouts with his class and other classes across the world for students to guess where they are based
  • Get his students to create a group class presentation using Slides about what they do in their spare time, and share it with schools in other countries
  • Send a Calendar invite to schools across the world to see who would be available for a face-to-face discussion
  • Create a video about why recycling is important for the environment, and upload it to YouTube.
  • Record teacher and student printing activity in a Sheet to identify those with high printing volumes.
  • Encourage teachers to put student worksheets, downloadable forms and display student work on their own class Site.
  • Run a workshop for teachers and students on how to use smart printing tools to print more efficiently.
Google Maps student activityGoogle Maps tool
Identify the types of stones used to build the pyramids of GizaStreet view
Recreate the journey travelled by Lewis and Clarke on their famous expedition with images at key locationsTour Builder
Create a map of which countries you have visited and calculate the distance you’ve travelledMy Maps
  • Cards should be used throughout the video as subtitles so the audience does not mishear any dialogue
  • Instructional videos should be at least three minutes long, otherwise they are not detailed enough to instruct an audience
  • Cards must have a clear purpose and not distract the audience from the content
  • Always add humour to an instructional video to keep audiences engaged
  • There is a clear goal and purpose for the video
  • Request results within a date range
  • Use the “Cite” tool to correctly format citations
  • Access and read the entirety of all search results in a free online library
  • Use the “Related Articles” feature to find additional research related to specific search results
  • Search for articles by a particular author
  • Find academic sources and save the links to “My library” within Scholar
  • Give students with slower learning pace access to fun YouTube videos to watch when the class discussion gets too complex
  • Use video instruction to cover the lesson material so he can spend more time with individual students that need help
  • Use YouTube analytics to track which students have watched which videos, and how often they paused and rewound the video
  • Give students instructional videos to watch in their own time, at their own pace, so they can ask questions about it during class
  • Give faster students fun videos to watch while they wait for slower student to catch up
  • To foster students’ naturally inquisitive minds
  • So, the knowledge students gain is consistent
  • To discourage collaboration
  • So, the teacher’s workload is reduced
  • So, students become masters of their own learning
  • Have students to mark the geographical locations of the world’s largest volcanoes
  • Zoom into street view in real time to see live camera feed in a desired location
  • Compare the terrain and elevation between different locations
  • Run simulations to show how islands are impacted by tsunamis
  • Create a new site and name it.
  • Select the required area on the page for the video.
  • Verify there’s room for welcome text and a video.
  • Select “YouTube”
  • Search for and click the video
  • Click “Select”
  • An online thesaurus that finds definitions and provides examples of how to use words in sentences, to help improve writing quality.
  • A useful Search tool to find academic or scholarly sources, for research purposes and citation within original work.
  • A curated reading list based on a specified topic and grade level, for students to find additional information outside of the class text.
  • A chat tool that links students with other students to provide peer support and answer questions on a particular topic.
  • Add-ons can be found in the Chrome Web Store and installed like any other Chrome app.
  • Add-ons enhance the functionality of core G Suite apps
  • Add-ons for a Google App can be found and installed from a Google Doc, Slide, Sheet or Form.

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